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underwater slot  ⏰  

This slot is overflowing with submarine current. Through it bodies swaying in the surface are seen. The current is warm. It is mixing with surface waters and tingles the skin with hot sprays ﻩﻩﻩ

This is a call to play with us in an intimate infrastructure and apply for the ROLE / CARE PRACTICES / MISSIONS / UNDERWATER, which will accompany us for one week.

We would like to reveal the synthesis of affect, to make sensual adventure accomplices out of us, floating in the computational waters, a distributed care cooperative.

You can claim the role of “being yourself” or become someone with a shifted identity, with shifted edges of your subjectivity. How much you shift your borders is up to you.

Roles thematise the space between events in the schedule grid. They happen somewhere between the lines when you glance at the color fill of the website. They are a hidden engine of events. We would like to think about physical distance and social intimacy. About the fragile infrastructure that tingles the skin with hot sprays ﻩﻩﻩ ﻩﻩﻩ

To do this, you are invited to the most secret and important ROLECARE PRACTICESMISSIONSUNDERWATER (several can be chosen):

~ those who rise to the surface of the water with caution ~ who feel not-like-fish-in-water among large groups of people and need a supporting fin ~

~ those who feel the power of the waves in themselves and the witching power to help~to mediate~to support the drowning people ~ who feel the energy of collectivity and can become an active fellow ready to be there for others.

~ those who value the intimacy of random connections, who want to dive right into the network of strangers ~ who value temporary spontaneous intimate algorithmic zones.

~ those who want to offer a different underwater role ~ (please specify your role when filling out the form, we will take it into account while designing our watery realm of relations).

> you can dive into this slot via the link ——> here

> this form will close on 22/06/20 at 23:59:59 Minsk time ⏰  

Do not tell anyone about your ~ role / practice of caring / mission / underwater / role ~ neither now nor during the week. How much you want to get it alive / activate / fit in / dive is up to you. Before the week, we will create an intimate infrastructure, let you know how to use it, and connect you according to your roles, (non-)motivation and contingency.


slot of uncertainties  ⏰  

Dear she-friend, he-friend, they-friends,

We look at the petals of the present, which is in dormancy. In a state of uncertaintу, adaptive adjustments, a state of “reduced functional activity of living organisms, due to environmental conditions, while maintaining their high vitality.”

Today is JanuaryFebruaryMarchAprilMayJuneJulyAugustSeptemberOctoberNovemberDecember 01020304050607080910111213141516171819202122232425262728293031 and you are reading an invitation letter into the slot of an extended present.

Machines, mechanisms, algorithms of apprehension, formulations glide along the “frames” of attention which not only frame, but also support.

Today is JanuaryFebruaryMarchAprilMayJuneJulyAugustSeptemberOctoberNovemberDecember 01020304050607080910111213141516171819202122232425262728293031 and we do not know how the situation will unfold in the future. This unknown has two overlapping dimensions — unknown of particularities and unknown of methods/tools they can be grasped with.

We invite you to join the game with unknown unknowns. To try to grab the joy from this situation. Let the game be called “how far everything can go.”

This slot is a collective mapping of uncertainties. Risk, volatility, blur, memory loss, flux, chaos, dance of statistical errors, perplexity from the invasion of all of the above into your locality.

With this letter, we suggest you make yourself comfortable in contradictions. Do not cancel or affirm one form of event. To be entirely not there and not here — in both places simultaneously and alternately.

We welcome:
~ not specific fantasms, but ways to generate them;
~ discussion of asynchrony, which go to asynchronous actions;
~ search for a fork, where everything went as it went ✸ ✸ ✸ from this fork-slingshot, the possibilities to beat the glass ceilings of the imagination are revealed;
~ present as coherenceconjunctionrupture.

Everything will be resolved by a round dance of uncertainty on one of the days of WHPH. Remember that your part of the round dance should be compact in order to leave space for other variants of blurred temporalities.

> registration form of your uncertainty —–> here

> this form will close on 11.06.20 at 12:34:56 Minsk time ⏰  

* A round dance of uncertainties will condense on one of the days of the WHPH week 22—28 June 2020, or might go beyond its limits.


slot test test test  ⏰  


On the way back in our letters we pass by:

Push notifications, red and green lines on the yandex map, voice assistants, traffic lights — which are all the time “online” — with an indicator of the number of cars, self-synchronizing ships in the same world of waters, surveillance cameras with a common “host”.

They lead us into the tunnels of new sensitivity. A machine of digital sensitivity where the sensitivity does not always belong to us.

The long-awaited torrent file that no one is distributing right now. A hot spot on an airplane designed just for two. An intimate alliance of interfaces moving in space at a speed of 950 km/h. Our machines in flight touch each other with tentacles of protocols.

We invite you to burrow holes in seemingly stable “online” frames, to occupy sensors that are (non)adherent to a body, to go off the roads that policies for using tools are offering, to thematize an algorithmically arranged distributed sensitivity, where the result is not equal to the sum of the parts. We invite you to test your ENVIRONMENTSSETTINGSTRAJECTORIES through technologically warmed-up landscapes.

test test test

> you can jump into this time slot via the link ——> here

> this form will close on 10.06.20 at 10:14:14 PM Minsk time ⏰  

* The time slot test test test will be distributed through the week of WHPH 22—28 June 2020, or might go beyond its limits.


slot of broken temporality  ⏰  

Dear readers of the invitation to the slot of broken temporality,

You know, that something happens to time. It sparkles, overheats, leaks and disconnects. Alarm clocks are ticking according to their own calendars through a myriad of ringtones, redistributing the streams of conventional time, shared between us. Alarm clocks and other devices produce their chronopolitics — the way of living time through, of running wild and getting lost in time during the pandemic, of warning signs, deadlines and accelerated visions of the future. What happens if time gets back to its place? And where is its place in postsocialism? Not that scanty imposed geography of ruins and poverty, but as a global condition that defines living forms.

Susan Buck-Morss admits that the prefix post in post-Soviet marks the ontology of time in contrast to the ontology of collectivity implied in the Soviet. This ontology of time, anchored in the prefix post- implicates the lack of right to be contemporary, embeds the clear relations of domination and submission.

But what if this uncertainty, this moving backwards and the lack of utopic horizon is the very queerrrr time of postsocialism?

Following feminist scholars one can see postsocialism through queer temporality, where different types of relations with historical past and unexpected connections that resists normative — linear and teleological — concepts of time could be found. This temporality can confront “straight time”, by amassing various forms of life and non-synchronised subjectivities. To think the notion of queer time broadly, is to think it as a rupture of regular rhythms, as the time against reproduction, (non)shared utopia, manifestations of forgotten sci-fies, as the night.


The timeslot should include time failures — time bombs, calls from the past, songs from SUMMER MIX 2027 — something that would question the stream of time, counting time backwards, attacking the future.

1 second — 1 year — 2032 — night

> the form for your proposals is ——>here

> this form will close on 03.06.20 at 9.30pm Minsk time ⏰  

* the slot of broken temporality will be distributed through the week of WHPH 22—28 June 2020, or might go beyond its limits.


slot of flickering co/presence  ⏰  

dear readers of the invitation to the slot of flickering co/presence,

while we are writing this text, we imagine how your gazes travel along the lines, catching up, surpassing, uniting.

we imagine how you imagine this invitation, the choreography of our visions, which transcends the body, room, house, neighbourhood, borders.

we imagine what will happen in late June, mid-June, early June, mid-May, late April, tomorrow morning, in 2 hours, yesterday.

we get up, we take a breath, pull the shoulder blades together, our calf muscles are relaxed, we make a circular motion with our right arm and start moving, we imagine that our spine is a fountain; it pulls the whole body along ↑

we would love this to be a letter and an impulse,

a letter as a hail

hey, yo, oh, ouch, hello, name, touch of a shoulder, call, flashing of a screen,

—— inertia of the unfolding of joint experiences <—–>–<—— ,—>


.. - ’ that may involve collective, duo or individual implementation,

’ ~ .. being simultaneous, random, regular, coordinated,

.. } ’ happening in any or in very specific spaces,

’ + .. presented in the form of text, scores, images (still and moving), sounds and so on,

.. / ’ their realization could be secret or manifested,

’ [ .. but it should be possible with spatial distance from each other.

instructions proposed as a practice of dispersed collectivity, as a choir, as a khorovod of gestures, as an attempt to find the possibility of co-living,

the synchrony of our inaction, our confusion, gaps, embodied imagination, or repetition, rehearsal, training, learning, invitation, awakening, fatigue, attempt, attention, solidarity, micro-gesture of the event,

.. the form to record instructions, scores, scripts, exercises, algorithms is ——> here

’ ’ this form will close on 01.06.20 at 9.30pm Minsk time 

* instructionsscoresscenariosexercisesalgorithms will appear on the website on June 22, along with information on how to practice them




Tomorrow we had the same dream:

We know what will happen today, but don’t know yet what happened yesterday. We got a job as time players, where we try to grasp distributed collectivity by the tail, like a cat.

But how not to stumble upon our own tail and not to mislead ourselves? Our task is not to start reproducing online-double-gangers of our activity and experience, but rather to dive, with a time difference, into the nourishing pool of dispersed collectivities, inventing forms of co-presence, co-liveliness, co-stratifying, co-becoming and multitudes of co-.

We would like to construct and fill in with you one of the support structures, one of the calendars, one of the scenarios of the present. To extend the idea of temporality – the social organization of time, and infrastructures – caring and tyrannical carcasses. Deformation of time (alienation, dislodging, overlapping, theft) and fragmentation of space (thickening, control, passages making) formulate the grid of the abductive invitation by WHPH working group. Abductive reasoning, unlike other cognitive procedures, offers sensitivity to incorporate new variables and vague situations simultaneously to development of hypotheses, visions and practices.

Today is June 21, the day before WHPH begins.

Till the next letter,
your WHPH working group


⋪ infrastructure ⋫

We suspend how exactly WHPH will happen this year and invite you to join this abductive speculation. We will correspond with you throughout 2 months, together defining what will happen from June 22 to 28 2020. After this date, the time will overturn again.

The structure of the invitation this year is formed by drifting slots, which will open for a certain period of time. You can follow them through our letters. Maybe, you would respond to the opened slot-parameter, maybe, you would like to wait for the adjacent one and to play the lottery with time.

You can forward these letters to anyone, who might be interested, but we kindly ask you not to publish them to social networks.

Work Hard! Play Hard! is a self-organized initiative. Unfortunately we do not have the budget to provide financial assistance to participants, but we try our best to ensure all the desired conditions for your non/work and to set up a supporting infrastructure.