time + abstract + molecular + care + preemptive
event + gap + infrastructure + feminist + imaginary


Work Hard! Play Hard! working group invites friends and comrades for an evening on

Reverse strike
Time strike
Abstract strike
Molecular strike
Care strike
Preemptive strike

Labor strike
Infrastructure strike
Feminist strike
Imaginary strike

In the devastating moment of the Russian militarist and imperialist aggression, that uses space and infrastructures of Belarus for the attack on Ukraine, Work Hard! Play Hard! invites friends and comrades in Berlin to collectively spend time in a discussion on our experimental study on strikes and various forms of labor unrest. Even though it could be seen as something less relevant in the context of war, we believe the notion of strike could be essential, as it gives us various forms of resistance, temporalities and affections.

The strike interrupts the logistical chains of oppression, destroys the infrastructures of the dominant temporalities, frees up energy, and provides resources to implement other kinds of relations. Job refusals, gestures of interruption, sabotage, queer time, solidarity. Departing from the fluidity of protest practices, finding ourselves in transit places, in the impossibility of going back [in time and discoursevely], we invite you to see if this movement and instability could be shared.

In light of the recent and ongoing political events — protest movements in Belarus, as well as Russian war against Ukraine, it is important for us to sustain networks of solidarity and support, to prolong collective gestures, to keep the politicization of co-presence and common actions.

Where: Uferstudios GmbH, Studio №16. Uferstraße 23, 13357 Berlin
When: 30 April 2022, Saturday 17:00–22:00
With moving practice by Asya Ashman and Kasia Wolinska, a practice by Work Hard! Play Hard! Working group and sounds from Uliana Bychenkova’s seabedroom + music from Olezha.

Please note current COVID-19 safety measures. We kindly ask you to test yourself at the day of event.