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Anastasia Vepreva -> The ideal formulation of the refusal of the artist. Lecture

Terms: irla: an ideal rejection letter to an artist, corridor anomalies, affective labour, quick knowledge, extractive capitalism, desire, digital proletariat, practice of small movements, tongue and teeth of creativity, repetition, great stone, alienation, weak disease

Recently, the artist increasingly needs to be able to build into the bureaucratic system of international residences, grants and prizes, invent as many unique projects as possible and write tons of boring applications. However, the competition in this field is very strong and most often the artist receives only a refusal in response instead of explanation. Refusal can be cold, neutral or even friendly — it is invented by workers of institutions sitting on the other side of the barricade. It’s hard for them, too.

The lecture analyzes the particularity of the use of certain formulations of refusals to the artist, highlights various approaches to refusal, and develops a copy of an ideal, pleasant from all directions, not an offensive, — creative refusal to the artist.