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Lena Klabukova -> BE WATER MY FRIEND. Workshop

Terms: corridor anomalies, quick knowledge, extractive capitalism, desire, intimate interfaces, mother-machine, oriental retromania, practices of ourselves, psychodata, sports interest, practice of small movements, extensions, national academy of sciences as witch, sanatorium, great stone, intoxication, care virus

In the information world, the main commodity, tool and weapon is an individual’s attention. In order to effectively confront the world of effectiveness, you need to get in contact with this world, dissolve your own internal blocks and your self or at least control them. Direct combat is the most inefficient way of fighting. Love your enemy, understand her, become her, defeat her.

Multilevel distributed work with information requires special preparation and daily exercise on the physical and mental levels. On the infoyoga workshop we got acquainted with a complex of traditional practices for working with attention, updated by the author for working with information. Concentration, dispersion, distribution, deep acceptance, relaxation, improvement of permeability, subconscious work. The result was an increase in the effectiveness of your creativity. Each participant received individual recommendations on personal comprehensive practice.