2017 -> Archive
Mia D. Suppiej -> PRONTI

Terms: intimate interfaces, mother-machine, desire, sports interest, practices of ourselves, h o o o o o o w w w w w l, contingency, irla: an ideal rejection letter to an artist, joy acceleration, extensions, pharmachoreography, tongue and teeth of creativity, rhythm, coincidance

Site specific installation and performance
Mixed media
Variable dimensions
(two flags 60x80cm)

Once the starter makes the signal, an irreparable happens. The competition is started. There will be winner and looser.

Everything is about the departure, and the preparation for the best departure.

Two race flags visually manipulated (“Ready Steady” and “On your Marks”) stand in the exhibition space.

Far beyond the artist sits at a desk, seeking online information (text + video) about the departure.

The computer is connected to a projector — which shows the progressive visual composition in real time, and to an audio system that plays sounds of various nature, including the voice of the artist while reading the information found.

The spectator is invited to question the speed, the departure, the preparation. The loss of immobility in competition dynamics, as in individual daily routines.