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Roman Aksionov -> On both sides of the horizon. Excursion

Terms: corridor anomalies, outsourcing, all to all, extractive capitalism, left melancholy, production drama, spontaneous grassroots alternative, exploitation of hidden motivation, practice of small movements, national academy of sciences as witch, self-destructing structures, repetition, alienation

On both sides of the horizon — a walk along the corridors of the already rented, but still not publicly opened hull of the plant. Old infographics, destroyed or supplemented with new meanings, views of the city through dusty windows, spying on the crack of abandoned factory operating departments, a rich variety of tablets with simple names of those who rent, a photo exhibit about the glorious past of the plant, a couple of options for an unexpected narrative domesticated monument, marginal graffiti and a small installation at the end of the tour in the studio, rented in this building. Balancing on the verge of a new “life” and “death” in its past status, the building appears in some most defenseless form.