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Jury Urso -> Presentation of the conceptual video-essay (Untitled, 2019)


Terms: great stone, alienation, repetition, coincidance, extractive capitalism, irla: an ideal rejection letter to an artist, left melancholy, production drama, tongue and teeth of creativity

A conceptual video-essay which deals with certain important topics that concern the author: from suicide to contemporary art, from refusal to work to the mechanisms of the institutions of contemporary art. Conceptually the video-essay is divided into three parts: the First, the Third and the Second worlds. This division was relevant before the fall of Berlin wall and he chose this order, because the First and the Third worlds had connection between each other, because the former colonized the latter, but the Second world was an alternative. The author thinks, that after the fall of the Eastern block the border with European union transformed into the new Berlin wall. In this sense, it is very interesting to consider the geopolitical situation of such countries as Belarus where is this new Berlin wall is located. Anyway, one of the main points of the work is to understand what is the role do we play, post-soviet people? Does someone care about our culture somewhere outside of our regions?