2017 -> Archive
Tanja Setsko -> Think! Act! Burn! (Discussion about pleasure and fatigue)

Terms: path stop, practices of ourselves, affective labour, left melancholy, production drama, dispersed collectivity, contingency, irla: an ideal rejection letter to an artist, extensions, pharmachoreography, protocols of self-organisation, sanatorium, alienation, weak disease, intoxication, care virus

A conversation about how activism is felt from the inside, looks outside and is imagined in dreams. Where does “work for change” end and (emotional and informational) service begins? How to find time and not to tear between studies, “primary” work and activism? What to do with burnout and thoughts that nothing will ever change?

And at the same time — how much strength and inspiration gives each new project. How important are big and small changes that occur due to every one of us.