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Apparatus 22 and Sergey Kantsedal -> Party-marathon "Positive Tension (on curating)"

Terms: affective labour, collection, contingency, dispersed collectivity, exploitation of hidden motivation, irla: an ideal rejection letter to an artist, practices of ourselves, protocols of self-organisation, quick knowledge, tongue and teeth of creativity, yesterday's unalienated celebration

Can a party, a marathon and an alternative school be squeezed as one in a small paper bag? Apparently it is possible. Here comes Apparatus 22’s Positive Tension (on curating): a brown bag with several hundreds of confetti plus a set of instructions both serious and hilarious. All these lay the prerequisite for a party — a celebration with a twist since the confetti in eye candy colors are inscribed with 130 questions of various kinds — from analytical to intuitive, from abstract to very precise — on countless topics (including myths, taboos and rules) about curating, turning the work | party into a marathon of critical thinking. Curators and cultural workers are invited to participate.