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Pyotr Vladimirov -> Along memorable places. City tour

Terms: outsourcing, quick knowledge, social choreography, spontaneous grassroots alternative, exploitation of hidden motivation, psychodata, contingency, joy acceleration, national academy of sciences as witch, places of transparency, protocols of self-organisation, tongue and teeth of creativity, exclusion of non-perspective pedestrians, coincidance

“We invite you to take part in an unforgettable city tour, during which you will discover the amazing secrets of Minsk, the city that does not resemble anything!”. With this short text I announced a city tour called “Along memorable places”. I did not know any “memorable places” through which I could tour; I was in Minsk for the first time. Therefore, the format of a city tour was put upside down: I was a guide who did not have much to tell and who, on the contrary, needed a city tour himself. Among the large number of participants there were Minsk residents, whom, on convenient occasion, I asked to tell about the places we were. Apart from getting the most general, superficial knowledge about the city, I heard a few sentimental stories.