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Alexandra Novozhenova -> Arithmetic of mobilization. Lecture.

Terms: from the future at the present, quick knowledge, mother-machine, practices of ourselves, production drama, all to all, joy acceleration, extensions, national academy of sciences as witch, pharmachoreography, speculative synthesis, tongue and teeth of creativity, rhythm, repetition

“5X5 = 25”, an exhibition of constructivist artists in 1921, already by its name brought to the fore the radical self-evidence of materialistic equality. Equality in the title can be understood not only arithmetically, but also as the underlying constructivist definition of the construction: a balance of multidirectional forces, which determine its stable existence in physical space. The arithmetic of the first five-year plan, with which artists dealt a decade later, radically differed from the straightforward truth of the constructivist equation. Two plus two now equated five, by which expressing the truth of mobilization.